Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Heels: How to rock them painlessly

We apologize for lack of posts in recent times :) We will do better henceforth.

How to wear 'them' heels painlessly since high heeled shoes are a girl's best friend,no?

1. Wear your size
Don't be tempted to buy those shoes because they are very beautiful and its half an inch short of your size.

2. Heel type
The thicker the heels the more comfortable the shoes are.Go for shoes with block heels or better still wedge shoes if you need comfort rather than pay with pain for being fabulous in stiletto....thick heeled shoes are fabulous too :)

3. Sole type
Go for platform soled shoes rather than thin soled shoes.

4. Know your foot type.
We know its not what a lot of people care about,but know if you have a flat foot or a high-arch foot.This will help determine the type of shoes appropriate for your foot type.

5. Shoes with coverage
 Wear shoes that covers the top of your feet....they are more comfortable than thin strapped shoes.

6.Rest your feet....sit/stand,take your shoes off and stretch your toes and ankles from time to time.

7. Walk with your heels first then your toe except you are walking up or down any stair.

8. Nothing in life is perfect.......accidents happen
If you fall........laugh,stand up,dust yourself and strut on with square shoulders and head held high.

Share with us what you do to reduce or eliminate any pain whilst strutting your stuff in heels.

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