Monday, 20 April 2015

Fashion and style through the decades 90s - Dungarees

Dungarees/Overalls were the rage in the 90s.This was a common fashion for teenage women during the 1930s as well, especially for ones living in rural areas. For extra authenticity, leave one of the clasps undone.

Beyonce 2nd left in dungarees

Dungarees made a comeback in 2014,below are pictures and tips on  how to get the trend right.

Dress it up

Dress it down

Get the right fit

Wear with plain top/blouse

Chika Ike

Wear with stripped/patterned top


It doesn't have to be denim

Opt for dungarees in colour

Style with heels

Opt for dungarees in print.


Did you rock dungarees in the 90s,please share if you did.
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Photo Credits:
EllaMo's blog

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  1. lovely post! trust me dungarees are here to stay, I love the way ellamo, and chika ike paired it...


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