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Fashion and style through the decades - the 90s Grunge style

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90's Trends and clothing:

The 90s trends and popular clothing are Grunge,sheer,metallic,flannel,colour block,crop-top,choker,scrunchies, slip dress,leggings and exercise wear,neon colours,1970's revival,casual chic,glamour wear, modern preppy,hip hop amongst others.

 The 90s era had very interesting trends and some deserve a dedicated post hence this grunge post.

1. Grunge:-The grunge style is a sloppy look that suggests you didn't put in much effort into dressing up but still manage to look good. You can achieve this with layering,mismatched clothes, loose fitting clothes,denim(distressed and acid wash), flannel shirt, tee(with rips or tear), leather jacket,messy hair and and heavy eyeliner.

The 90's grunge style made a comeback in 2014 but with a little more cleanliness and class.

High tops
Stockings with holes in them

90s Grunge style in pictures:

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Grunge Style

marc jacobs 1992 grunge

 90s grunge / 90s party

Courtney and Gwen 90s grunge girls

Grunge Fashion

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Would you try the 90s grunge style?



  1. Ooooh yes! Id def try the grunge stlye!!!

    1. Thanks for will be super cool so please try it and send us pictures


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