Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Vintage style inspiration of the week - Annie from Abuja

Vintage sheer shirt and shorts

Our Vinspiration of the week is Annie, @Annienadine_tm on instagram.

Vintage dress

VC9ja:- What is your name and what do you do?

Annie:-My name is Annie,I am a banker.

Vintage inspired culotte

VC9ja:-What does style mean to you?

Annie:-It is a representation of who I am and my personality

Vintage Shirt

VC9ja:-What makes Vintage Clothing appealing to you?

Annie:-Anyone who knows me well knows that I love everything old school down to the music I listen to.
I am also obsessed with fashion from the 50's,70's,60's and 80's especially the 50's.They really put a lot of work and detail into clothes back then.

Vintage Pieces are art on their own and also very unique.It is hard to find clothing like that these days.

Vintage shirt

VC9ja:- Please leave a vintage style tip for our readers.

Annie:-Don't be afraid to experiment,sometimes pieces you think wouldn't go together turn out really great.

Vintage Dress

Vintage Blazer

Vintage Skirt

Vintage Shirt

Vintage shirt

Vintage Blouse
Follow Annie on instagram @annienadine_tm to see more of her takes on vintage and even contemporary style.

Over to you now,which of her looks do you want to replicate?

Vintage Closet.

NB:- If you will like to be featured as vintage style inspiration of the week AKA Vinspiration, kindly send a minimum of six pictures to vintagecloset9ja@gmail.com


  1. She sure has alot of vintage clothings. Niceeeeee.


    1. Thanks for visiting....she loves vintage style.

  2. Wow! This is cool. Kept checking your blog to see if you had put up anything. Is this not Annie G...n? from Benue State?! My Bff in primary school o!!! I should have known you'd have a flair for vintage with the old school doll plays you initiated!

    Well done Vintage Closet9ja!

    1. Thanks for visiting Archie....she is an old soul.....it's Annie.


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