Monday, 15 December 2014


Culottes are women's trousers, usually knee-length or calf-length, cut full to resemble a skirt.
It dates back to the mid/late nineteenth century so women could sit astride a saddle whilst horse back riding rather than side saddle.

It made a come back last year hence this post.

Culotte is a french word which according to Wikipedia is used to describe women's panties but it has been adopted by women's fashion to name this incredible trousers.

Below are pictures of how you can rock them.

Vintage Closet pieces(blouse and culotte)....customer @ old school themed office end of the year party.

Vintage Closet piece

Which of the looks do you want to replicate?Have you rocked culottes in recent times?

Vintage closet has vintage and some vintage meets modern culottes in 08039795153 or add us on BB-7F119591 to order.

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