Friday, 31 October 2014

Stylista vs fashionista

It takes more than a closet full of designer or trendy clothes and a love of shoes to make a true style maven.

Stylista vs fashionista is a new segment and this is the first installment.We will define what these terms mean to us in this post and subsequently we will post pictures of celebrities and you beautiful people will tell us via comments if the person in focus is a fashionista or a stylista.

 Who is a stylista?
  • Someone that has found his or her true clothing personality and dresses to suit her unique style.
  •  This person know what works for their body.
  • A stylista knows they don't need tons of clothes or shoes or new pieces to look their best.
  • A stylista keeps their look fun and fresh with personal touches
  • Does not have to break an arm and a leg to look good.
  • Do not follow any rule(s).
  • Knows that staple closet items are the most important pieces to own(see our post on staple closet pieces).
  • Are not trend whores but challenges trend through their unique style.
  • Knows that attitude is the most important outfit.
  • Takes risks and know "you win some and lose some".
  • Do not need to put any body part on display to look good.

Who is a fashionista?

  • A person who obsessively follows trends
  • Needs tons of clothing and shoes to look good
  • A designer whore
  • Thinks clothes must be expensive to be good
  • Does not consider their body type but just wears any outfit especially if it is trendy.
  • Looks at celebrities or runway models and copy their outfits verbatim without putting their own spin.
  • Needs to put body parts on display.
Are you a fashionista or a stylista? Why do you think so?
What do you think is missing in this list?

We look forward to reading you comments......we love feedback :)

Photo credit:
Temidollface's instagram page

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  1. Solange is definitely a stylista. She knows what works for her body.


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