Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Heels: How to rock them painlessly

We apologize for lack of posts in recent times :) We will do better henceforth.

How to wear 'them' heels painlessly since high heeled shoes are a girl's best friend,no?

1. Wear your size
Don't be tempted to buy those shoes because they are very beautiful and its half an inch short of your size.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

How to dress Vintage 3

Look for perfect vintage dresses. Vintage dresses are fun to wear, for the main reason that there is such huge selection of well-fitting dresses available for purchase. Be on the lookout for dresses that can be easily accessorized to be made modern in appearance. This means that dresses with lots of embellishment and adornments can look too costume-y for regular wear. Dresses that are solid color, a mild print, or in good quality fabric can be put with courts/flats/sandals, a cute beanie or wide-brimmed hat, and a few pieces of modern jewelry.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

How to dress Vintage 2

Part 2 of the "How to dress vintage" series.
Enjoy :)

Choose a few vintage tops. Vintage shirts from nearly any era are the easiest way to step into the world of wearing vintage. Shirts and sweaters are relatively low-maintenance, and pair with any modern bottoms. Presently, it is very popular to pair a vintage top with skinny jeans and booties, alongside any other accessories you may want to add. You can also add a vintage cardigan or sweater to nearly any modern outfit without looking out-dated.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

How to dress Vintage 1

We are taking a break from the "fashion and style through the decades" series to do a 3 weeks "how to dress vintage" series....enjoy!

How to dress Vintage:Best practice

Choose items from a variety of eras. Vintage clothing, although there is no firm definition, is generally acknowledged as any clothing or accessory that was made in the 1980’s or earlier. Therefore, there is a huge selection of clothes to choose from in the ‘vintage’ category. Although it may be normal to gravitate towards one particular era, try mixing up your wardrobe with a variety of clothing periods. Wearing pieces that are all from the same era can make it look like you are in costume, rather than like you have a love for vintage.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Fashion and style through the decades 90s - Dungarees

Dungarees/Overalls were the rage in the 90s.This was a common fashion for teenage women during the 1930s as well, especially for ones living in rural areas. For extra authenticity, leave one of the clasps undone.

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